1481196958077-1951087046.jpgI made my second ever bowl today and it worked! (Thanks Rosiepink at Rosie pink typepad.co.uk for the vessel making instructions !) My first bowl just didn’t keep its shape and insisted on sagging. That put me off trying again for a while. Then I spotted a bowl for sale on the internet during a search. It looked lighter and indeed showed light through it if you put a battery operated candle inside. I inspired me to try again.

This time I rinsed the round flat felted shape  in cold then hot water (as I do when I wet felt my pictures) before I cut the resist out.No idea if this helped or not.

What probably did help is that I used a thinner more flexible resist. I used a circle of bubble wrap not having anything better to hand. With my first bowl I used kitchen lino as a resist and it was such a job to get it out again I really stretched the felt.

Thirdly I did a better job of fulling the felt. I spent more time over it, worked harder at it and used better tools. I found a teaspoon worked better for me than a desert spoon and also found a Nerf ball in my son’s bedroom to use. It ended up covered in fluff but he was cool about it.

I was so excited about my new improved bowl (and that the fact that I tried again after nearly not bothering with bowls ever again and producing something  that I was pleased  with) that I jumped several times into the air. This caused a squirrel in the garden to come over and put his paw up at the window to see what was going on! Really.



Just finished the picture for my Auntie’s birthday present.

20161220_115325She likes cats so I searched first for some felt cat pictures for inspiration so thank you Tracey Dunn as it was one of your pictures that I based my composition on.

I sewed some ribbon on for hanging using invisible thread. It’s a good job I did a “test hang” as I realised I hadn’t sewn  high enough on the ribbon if you see what I mean and it fell forward a bit.

Off to the post office now to post it along with some Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Unexpected changes when wet felting.


Wet felted background

I wet felted a background for a cat picture I’m making for a birthday present. It’s meant to be a circle shape…

I do love wet felting and the mystery of not quite knowing what the end result will be. I have a rough idea obviously and an intention but colours move or combine sometimes in an unexpected  (and sometimes more beautiful) way.

Love the smell of wet wool.


More pots and a park.

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So since I last posted I made a few more bowls. Firstly I stuck to the same size but added a different colour in places with blobs of white wool on grey on the outside. I then tried making a larger one in “Christmas colours” (red and green), this seemed to use so much wool! I then made a tiny cute one with a different colour on the inside to the outside.This was really quick to make, both due to it’s size and due to the fact that I was getting into a rhythm of the process.

I also discovered a good fulling tool, the end of a cheese knife which was nicely rounded. This suited the smaller size of my last bowl .

I made all my bowl openings the same size (by pressing the end of a plastic cup into the felt to leave an impression first) varying the size of the opening is something I might experiment with in the future. It’s good to have a next step.

I made my last bowl nearly a week ago. I made them all in a bit of a flurry because I was excited about them. Feltwise I’m currently working on a little bear.

Must get back into bowls soon…

This morning I went for a “run” in the park. I am at my unfittest for a long while having used the excuse of winter weather to not go out. And yes I have a huge treadmill in my kitchen but it’s in the upright position and heavy to move.

The park is so much nicer anyway. Today, because I was so unfit I did more walking than running and spent a lot of time reading the dedications on benches.

There were some lovely messages of love and how much the person that they are remembering loved the flowers and the gardens. Several references to God’s creation too.



My second bowl, much better!

Today I made my second ever bowl and it is so much better than the first one. My first bowl just wouldn’t hold it’s shape and insisted on sagging.

I thought it probably wasn’t  “my thing” and it took me a week to try again. I was inspired to have another go after I seeing one for sale on the internet while having a browse. This one looked lighter than mine, both in colour and by the fact that it was lit up from inside and the light shone through the felt.

Thanks Rosiepink at Rosiepink.typepad.co.uk.for your instructions by the way.

I did three things differently with my second bowl.

Firstly I rinsed my flat round felt shape with the resist still inside, with cold water followed by hot water  (instead of plunging the bowl into cold at the end) It probably  didn’t make a difference, it’s just what I do when I wet felt my pictures . (And it was sooo soapy by then I had to do something !)

Secondly I used a much thinner resist.I used bubble wrap, it being the only suitable thing to hand. Last time I used kitchen lino, it was such a job to get it out through the small circle that I’d cut, that I really stretched the felt.

Thirdly I worked longer and harder at fulling the felted bowl at the end and used better tools. I found a teaspoon instead of a desert spoon worked better for me and I also used a Nerf ball that I found in my son’s bedroom. It ended up covered in fluff but he was cool about it.

I was so excited that my second bowl had worked, and that I’d tried again and improved at something that I had almost given up on, that I jumped up and down several times. This caused a squirrel that was in the garden to come over and put his paw up at the window to see what was going on. Really.