1481196958077-1951087046.jpgI made my second ever bowl today and it worked! (Thanks Rosiepink at Rosie pink typepad.co.uk for the vessel making instructions !) My first bowl just didn’t keep its shape and insisted on sagging. That put me off trying again for a while. Then I spotted a bowl for sale on the internet during a search. It looked lighter and indeed showed light through it if you put a battery operated candle inside. I inspired me to try again.

This time I rinsed the round flat felted shape  in cold then hot water (as I do when I wet felt my pictures) before I cut the resist out.No idea if this helped or not.

What probably did help is that I used a thinner more flexible resist. I used a circle of bubble wrap not having anything better to hand. With my first bowl I used kitchen lino as a resist and it was such a job to get it out again I really stretched the felt.

Thirdly I did a better job of fulling the felt. I spent more time over it, worked harder at it and used better tools. I found a teaspoon worked better for me than a desert spoon and also found a Nerf ball in my son’s bedroom to use. It ended up covered in fluff but he was cool about it.

I was so excited about my new improved bowl (and that the fact that I tried again after nearly not bothering with bowls ever again and producing something  that I was pleased  with) that I jumped several times into the air. This caused a squirrel in the garden to come over and put his paw up at the window to see what was going on! Really.

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