Just finished the picture for my Auntie’s birthday present.

20161220_115325She likes cats so I searched first for some felt cat pictures for inspiration so thank you Tracey Dunn as it was one of your pictures that I based my composition on.

I sewed some ribbon on for hanging using invisible thread. It’s a good job I did a “test hang” as I realised I hadn’t sewn ¬†high enough on the ribbon if you see what I mean and it fell forward a bit.

Off to the post office now to post it along with some Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Unexpected changes when wet felting.


Wet felted background

I wet felted a background for a cat picture I’m making for a birthday present. It’s meant to be a circle shape…

I do love wet felting and the mystery of not quite knowing what the end result will be. I have a rough idea obviously and an intention but colours move or combine sometimes in an unexpected  (and sometimes more beautiful) way.

Love the smell of wet wool.