More pots and a park.

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So since I last posted I made a few more bowls. Firstly I stuck to the same size but added a different colour in places with blobs of white wool on grey on the outside. I then tried making a larger one in “Christmas colours” (red and green), this seemed to use so much wool! I then made a tiny cute one with a different colour on the inside to the outside.This was really quick to make, both due to it’s size and due to the fact that I was getting into a rhythm of the process.

I also discovered a good fulling tool, the end of a cheese knife which was nicely rounded. This suited the smaller size of my last bowl .

I made all my bowl openings the same size (by pressing the end of a plastic cup into the felt to leave an impression first) varying the size of the opening is something I might experiment with in the future. It’s good to have a next step.

I made my last bowl nearly a week ago. I made them all in a bit of a flurry because I was excited about them. Feltwise I’m currently working on a little bear.

Must get back into bowls soon…

This morning I went for a “run” in the park. I am at my unfittest for a long while having used the excuse of winter weather to not go out. And yes I have a huge treadmill in my kitchen but it’s in the upright position and heavy to move.

The park is so much nicer anyway. Today, because I was so unfit I did more walking than running and spent a lot of time reading the dedications on benches.

There were some lovely messages of love and how much the person that they are remembering loved the flowers and the gardens. Several references to God’s creation too.

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